Biking up Mauna Loa on the Hawaii Big Island

Biking up Mauna Loa on the Hawaii Big Island

About Barbara Lipska

Barbara K. Lipska was born, raised and educated in Warsaw, in Communist Poland. She received her MSci. degree in organic chemistry from the University of Warsaw, and Ph.D. in medical sciences in 1988 from the Medical Academy of Warsaw. In 1989 she immigrated with her family (husband Mirek Gorski and two children Kasia Lipska and Witek Lipski) to the U.S. She started a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bethesda, MD. During her career at the NIMH, she became an internationally recognized leader in animal modeling of schizophrenia, and in postmortem human brain research. In 2013 she became  Director of the Human Brain Collection Core at the NIMH. 

She published ~150 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

She is a marathon runner and a triathlete. In 1999, she finished the NYC marathon in 3:45 (8:30 min/mile), her PR.

She now lives with her husband in Annandale, VA.